Family Fun at Phuket Hotels in Thailand

Phuket is a Thai island which is adorned with a wealth of scintillating natural beauty. The pristine sandy beaches, pellucid water of Andaman Sea and beautiful mountains has made Phuket a premiere tourist spot.

There are a number of Phuket hotels Thailand has to accommodate tourists with many different preferences, from the sumptuous to the low-budget. Almost all the luxury Phuket hotels are equipped with the necessary amenities to meet the demands of its guests. A kid’s club is a helpful addition that most of the higher end Phuket hotels, Thailand have. Family tourists are usually very grateful for the break this amenity can provide.

If you look for a Kid’s Club in any of the Phuket hotels Thailand has, then it is generally a good idea to be fully aware of the facilities and make sure that they meet your criteria. Facilities and charges vary in different hotels. Some of the amenities are for free, while some others will charge varying amounts.

Some Phuket hotels have just a child friendly room with few DVDs as a Kid’s Club, while others have a wealth of accessories like XBox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo gaming consoles, as well as endless activities.

To break the monotony of repeating same activities for the kids every day, hotels like the Laguna Beach Resort offers a rotating schedule. Quest Laguna Phuket in Laguna Complex of resorts is another one, which offers thrilling outdoor activities for the kids, baby elephant rides for an example.

For family tourists with either young kids or teenagers, the JW Marriott Resort & Spa could be a good choice where computers with high speed internet connection and firewall protection are available for the teenagers.

Many hotels are well equipped to provide suitable accommodation for families. The Holiday Inn Phuket Resort offers such suites where there is a private space for the kids equipped with TV and video games and bunk beds within the spacious family room.

Most of the Kid’s Clubs are for children at least 4 years of age. For children younger than 4 years old, there are babysitters available. Some Phuket hotels Thailand offers, like Evason Phuket or Six Senses Spa, provide extended facilities like taking care of your child for the whole night with careful supervision, so that you can enjoy the night all by yourself, relieved of all anxieties regarding your children.